Repentance Heals Your Spiritual Pain

"Only repentance can heal what hurts. But repentance can heal what hurts, no matter what it is." Counsel To Youth; President Boyd K. Packer

Only Repentance Can Heal What Hurts

I think this is by divine design. People falsely turn to alcohol or drugs or other addictions thinking that will solve the pain, which in reality only compounds the suffering.

Can you imagine the moral turmoil it would cause if sins could be healed by anything else other than repentance? People would be running to and fro, searching in vain to the ends of the earth for something that would stop the pain, when the solution is simply repentance.

It would cause internal chaos if anything else other than repentance could heal the pain.

Sin is the type of pain that is soul destroying. This might be part of the reason why God has the least degree of allowance for sin because He knows how self-destructive sin is. Sin is self-destructive because it kills the spirit.

Repentance Can Heal Anything That Hurts

The ability to repent and the literal healing are only possible because of the atonement Jesus Christ and there is nothing outside the reach of Him. Your Savior has the power to heal any pain caused by any sin but he requires repentance as a pre-requisite for the healing. This is why it is madness to turn to anything else for healing. Turning to anything else other than Jesus Christ is more likely to cause more pain. Putting off healing the pain makes it worse. The prophets have said that the pain of repenting now is much less than waiting to repent.

Repentance may not sound fun but it is simple. It is simple because you don't have to go searching everywhere to know how to heal the pain.

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