The Secret To Obtaining Eternal Life Is Seeking After Jesus Christ And Repenting

“I bear my witness of the power of Christ’s Atonement. When we repent and come to Him, we can receive all the blessings of eternal life.” Redemption; LeGrand R. Curtis

There Is No Greater Blessing And Joy In This Life Or The Next Than That Of Eternal Life

Eternal life is to know God. The prophets have said that your knowledge of God will bring you the greatest happiness you will ever have and is the greatest gift you can possibly give to your family and to the world. Your knowledge of God opens up a world of gifts and possibilities that you would otherwise never have.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin in October 1993 General Conference talked about the blessings of eternal life and what that means.

  • To feel what God feels.
  • Think what He thinks.
  • Do what He does.
  • Have the power He has.
  • Become like Him, even as He is.
  • Comprehend the truths He understands.
  • Enjoy and experience the same thing God does.

Repenting is a crucial aspect of coming unto Christ; in fact, it is impossible without repentance. The basics of coming unto Christ are to love Him with all your might, mind, heart and strength.

You love Him with your might and strength through work and labor, which includes both your physical and mental powers.

The first two commandments are the first two commandments and in that order for a reason. You can’t effectively have charity without first loving God and feeling His love. Charity is more than a feeling or emotion, it is a state of being.

You seek after God with your mind through your thoughts. Your thoughts are the front lines in this battle against Satan. In the end, everything is a result of your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts dictate your feelings and your feelings determine your actions and your actions shape your becoming. Your becoming is who you are and who you are is the end result of the entire plan. When it is all said and done it is who you are or what you have become that matters.

You seek after God with your heart through your desires; the objective is to have the same desires that He has. You learn His thoughts and desires for you through the word of God, which includes the Standard Works, which are the Bible, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine And Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price and finally the living prophets.

Keeping ALL the commandments and listening for His voice are two other basic essential elements of seeking after Christ. Keeping the commandments is proof that you love Him.

Listening to His voice involves turning down the noise in your life. It also means to calm your spirit when you are stressed out so your anxiety doesn't overpower God's messages. The Holy Ghost is described as still and small, and it is the most powerful force on this earth. Nothing is more effective in causing your bones to shake than the power of the Holy Ghost. When the Holy Ghost penetrates your heart, it changes you and you are not the same again unless you ignore that great feeling and don’t continue to seek after it.

Light And Darkness Can’t Occupy The Same Space At The Same Time, So The Holy Ghost Will Not Compete With Evil

Satan has a lot of deceptions, but he can’t imitate the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost will not and cannot be present in dark and sinful activities. It is impossible to feel happy in sin.

This can only happen through the atonement. President Hinckley said there is nothing else you can possibly do that more closely reaches the likeness of the atonement than temple work. The temple arms you with greater spiritual power and binds you to God more securely than anything else you can do in this life.

The Lord desires to make you one with Him exactly like He is one with the Father. Everything that has a beginning has an end, unless it includes the atonement. The Lord’s atonement restores what was lost or broken. We lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a world before this one. In order to grow you had to be separated from them, but the purpose of the atonement is to restore your relationship with them. Eternal life is to have that relationship restored and it happens through the temple.

When you attend the temple you are doing for someone else what they can’t do for themselves and who’s spiritual and eternal progress is stopped unless you open the door for them.

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