27 Temple Promises That Will Change Your Life

“First may I mention that no church-built facility is more important than a temple. Temples are places where relationships are sealed together to last through the eternities.” As We Meet Again; President Thomas S. Monson

The temple is the most holy place on earth and where you are endowed with the greatest power. It is where you are added upon. The temple is the ONLY way to become a forever family and without it you would be single for eternity. The prophets have said that relationships are the most important aspect of life, both in this life and in the next. The temple is the Lord’s house where relationships with each other and God become sure and solid.

God manifests Himself to you in the temple in a way that you will not experience anywhere else, which is part of the reason why the temple is the holiest and most sacred location on earth.

I have been collecting a list of temple promises that I find in the standard works and from modern day prophets. I have about 150 so far, but I will list out 27 here.

  1. You will grow in limitless possibilities.
  2. Rise to high levels of character and spiritual joy.
  3. Overcome every challenge, and be redeemed from oppression, difficulties and trials.
  4. You will approach more nearly the likeness of God and develop a deeper relationship with Christ.
  5. More completely realize your divine destiny.
  6. Gain greater personal revelation.
  7. Receive a fullness of the Holy Ghost.
  8. Makes more effective the atonement in your life.
  9. Strengthens your hope, deepens your charity and increases your powers of faith.
  10. Grow confident in the Lord, in His ability to bear you up and bring you back into His presence.
  11. Moves the heavens in mighty power in your behalf.
  12. Be able to use your gifts with greater intelligence and ability.
  13. Have no fear and lay aside your anxieties.
  14. Become pure and holy.
  15. God hears and answers prayers. The temple is a powerful place to offer up prayers because you are offering up a significant sacrifice.
  16. You will love your family with a deeper love than you have ever loved before.
  17. The power of Godliness will be manifest to you.
  18. Better learn the significance of Christ’s atonement.
  19. Refines your nature, helps you overcome selfishness and sanctifies your life.
  20. Where you obtain God’s greatest blessings.
  21. Overcome the world.
  22. The problems of life find their solutions.
  23. Changes your entire viewpoint and perspective of mankind and yourself.
  24. Will not falter in the face of evil and temptation.
  25. Be blessed in all your affairs.
  26. Overcome Satan.
  27. A real and effective means for change.

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