The Lord’s Blessings For Paying Tithing Subtle But Significant

The Windows Of Heaven, Elder David A. Bednar


The Lord has promised temporal and spiritual blessings for keeping the law of tithing; in addition, these blessings don’t always arrive in the way you crave.  Why? Elder Bednar said, “we often receive significant but subtle blessings that are not always what we expect and easily can be overlooked.” For example he said you often want immediate financial deliverance, but the Lord might bless you with greater power to change your own circumstances instead of having them changed for you.

Spiritual blessings are much greater than temporal; therefore, changing your nature will bless you much more than receiving a large chunk of cash.

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints practices what it preaches, and it teaches this in two fundamental concepts. 

  1.  Spend less than you make.
  2. Save some for emergencies.

 Key Quotes:

  •   “For example, a subtle but significant blessing we receive is the spiritual gift of gratitude that enables our appreciation for what we have to constrain desires for what we want.  A grateful person is rich in contentment.  An ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of endless discontentment.”
  • “The honest payment of tithing is much more than a duty; it is an important step in the process of personal sanctification.”


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