The Equality of Men And Women In The Priesthood

Power In The Priesthood; Elder Neil L. Anderson

Lately there has been opposition against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because the church does not ordain women to the priesthood. Why? I think they do it because they don’t understand the doctrine very well.

 Women will never be ordained to the priesthood.

 Jesus Christ is not a stranger to the apostles and prophets, and they know how the Lord views men and women; which He sees them equal but with different roles.  Women can have the same power that priesthood men can have.  Additionally, there is no guarantee that men who have the priesthood have any power because ordination does not necessarily mean power.

The temple is no respecter of persons, endowing the power of Godliness the same to men and women.

Men are not the priesthood but only men can be ordained to offices in the priesthood.  Women through their faith in God can have the same Godly power as men have.  Additionally, women can call down the powers of heaven through faith, just as well as priesthood men can.

 Men are not better, more important or more powerful than women because men hold the priesthood. 

 Leadership in the church is also not strictly for men, which is why you will see women holding various levels of leadership responsibility at all levels in the church. Women have incredible power and influence with the priesthood leaders; where women are invited to meetings whose opinions, suggestions, and courses of action are adopted and acted upon.

 In fact, women have a magical way of building relationships and connecting with people; which is why smart priesthood leaders include women in decisions.  They are indispensable with helping priesthood men strengthen and build people.

 Elder Andersen warned against pornography and declared there is no allowance for it because it destroys your priesthood worthiness, and it will destroy your spirit. He also talked about creating an equal marriage by including your wife in all family decisions. 

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