God Must Be First And Defending The Correct Definition of Marriage Is Part Of That

No Other Gods, Elder Dallin H. Oaks

God must be our first priority but that doesn’t mean He ought to be our ONLY priority.  Additionally, Eternal life is our supreme purpose, which can’t happen without covenants/ordinances and the gospel.  

In this world, serving other God’s is easy because worldliness and materialism easily creeps in. For example, God intentionally designed this mortal existence that we exercise our agency and ignore much of what this world has to offer.  The Internet is a perfect example of this; for example, you can find a host of complete and utter nonsense of videos and internet material.

Whenever we make anything more important than God we are serving other Gods. 

Tragically, the family is Satan’s greatest target, because he can destroy civilization if the family falls. Satan’s war in heaven that is propelled down here was over moral agency, which is the right to choose God over Satan.  Consequently, the family is where agency is learned and preserved.

Redefining marriage between man and woman is a direct attack on the family.

Placing God first requires defending, supporting and building the family and the sanctity of marriage. That is because marriage is ordained of God, which means it is extremely important to Him.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ care very much about what is happening in the world to the family unit.

Satan is secularizing marriage by twisting and perverting it to the point the distortion makes sense and acceptable to society. As a result, governments are redefining marriage, and shaping it into something that God never intended it to be, requiring the apostles and prophets to set it straight. 

Actually, the apostles foresaw this threat long before when they published The Proclamation Of The Family. Declaring to the world the mind and will of God is the prophet’s mission. They are authorized to speak out on any matter, political, temporal or spiritual; and they made it absolutely clear that God’s definition of marriage is between a man and woman. That will never change regardless of what the government or the voice of the people say.

A core purpose for marriage is to have children, yet fewer children are being born which threatens the survival of any nation.  Part of this is because many are marrying at a later age, and many others cohabitate before marriage.

How we enter the world and depart is important to God; that is one reason why sex sins are extremely grievous to God, and ranks just below cold blood murder.


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