Jesus Christ's Superior Healing Power Can Reach A Spirit Racked With The Pains Of Hell

“Would you like to have emblazoned on your soul an undeniable witness that the Savior descended beneath your sins and that there is no sin, no mortal plight outside the merciful reach of His Atonement- that for each of your struggles He has a remedy for superior healing power? Then read the Book of Mormon. It will teach you and testify to you that Christ’s Atonement is infinite because it circumscribes and encompasses and transcends every finite frailty known to man.” The Book of Mormon- A Book From God; Tad R. Callister

Jesus Christ Has Superior Healing Power For Every Struggle You Will Face

His healing power is real, and it can reach deeper than any psychologist or psychoanalyst can approach. His power doesn’t mask the pain and it is no Band-Aid first aid approach. He is the master carpenter who can fix anything.

He can take excruciating pains from a guilty conscious caused by serious sins and replace it with redeeming love and true peace. The Book of Mormon has many examples of the Lord doing this to some of the most wicked people and turning them into some of the most spiritually powerful individuals.

Some of the Book of Mormon individuals who were in spiritual misery but who were released from it by the superior healing of Christ described their pains as;

  • Inexpressible horror.
  • Become banished and extinct both body and soul.
  • Pains of a damned soul.
  • Racked with torment.
  • Eternal torment.
  • Harrowed up to the greatest degree.
  • Pains of hell.
  • Gall of bitterness.
  • Chains of death.

No Mortal Plight Is Outside The Merciful Reach Of His Atonement

Jesus Christ has all knowledge and all power. He knows more about every existing topic than the combined knowledge of everyone currently living, anyone who has ever lived or anyone who will ever be born and not just a little more knowledge but a great deal more knowledge.

What this means is He can help you out of any possible situation or life circumstance. This knowledge should completely eradicate fear out of your life.

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