Life Is A Proving Ground Designed To See What You Can Become

"This mortal life is a proving ground. How well you meet its challenges determines how strong your character will be. Your faith in Jesus Christ and His teachings fortifies your character." The Transforming Power of Faith and Character; Elder Richard G. Scott (October 2010 Conference)

This Mortal Life Is A Proving Ground

The prophets also say this life is a test, a test to see if we will do what God has commanded us to do. I like the mental images of a proving ground over a test. But the test is not like a school test, which is a pass fail. Mortal life's test is one that is designed to help you become something not just learn something which is what school tests do.

Life is not only about becoming but also achieving. Some of your best lessons are learned through adversity which may feel like failure.

When I think of a proving ground I think about what Elder D. Todd Christofferson said about the Lord needing strong Christians who can make important things happen through their faith. The constitution of faith is to be engaged in good causes that are above your natural abilities. Mature faith is the willingness to step into the darkness and do important things that you know you can only do with the Lord's help.

In my mind a proving ground implies acting and being an agent unto yourself, and a test feels too much as being acted upon.

How Well You Meet Its Challenges Determines How Strong Your Character Will Be

President Urctdorf testified with a surety that adversity forms your character and shapes your destiny. This is a completely new way of looking at things because I personally never considered how adversity could shape my character not without some pondering.

After deeply pondering about how adversity and challenges forms your character it is absolutely true. Running from problems makes you weak. The great leaders of the world seem to thrive on a challenge. Doing hard things especially if it requires deep sacrifice builds tremendous character. Sacrifice turns into sacredness. You have a chance to become sacred depending on how deeply you sacrifice.

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