Satan's Attack On The Sanctity Of Life Holds No Boundaries

"Relentlessly Lucifer attacks the sanctity of life and the joy of parenthood." Set In Order Thy House: Elder Russell M. Nelson

Satan attacks the sanctity of life in every way possible because he has no life. Here are some of the more obvious ways to more subtle ways Satan does this;

  • Murder
  • Genocide
  • Ethnic cleansing
  • Abortions
  • Addictions
  • Obsession with body image
  • Devaluation of physical body
  • Many more

Satan's Attack on Life Through Addictions

Addictions are spirit and soul destroying. Change is a lot easier in this earth life than it is in the next life. Those who die in their addictions will have a much greater difficulty to change.

Satan's Attack On Life By Devaluing Our Bodies

Many people seek out plastic surgeons to change something about their bodies that they don't like. Plastic surgeons tell many of them that there is nothing wrong with them. Most people seem to dislike something about their bodies.

I should note that when we were in the pre-existence we shouted for joy for the opportunity to come to this earth to gain a body.

A powerful way to respect your body is to ponder deeply how your body is a temple of God and is sacred. Your body houses your spirit. How you treat your body directly effects your spirit.

Elder Russell M. Nelson in his devotional address called The Magnificence Of Man said;

"Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and harmful drugs are forbidden by the Lord. We have similarly been warned about the evils of pornography and unclean thoughts. Appetites for these degrading forces can become addictive. Physical or mental addictions become doubly serious because, in time, they enslave both the body and the spirit. Full repentance from these shackles, or any other yokes (addictions) to sin, must be accomplished in this life while we still have the aid of a mortal body to help us develop self-mastery."

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