The Blessings of Abraham Are Not Only For The Next Life, But Apply To This Life Also

The content of this page are my notes from the book, The Blessings Of Abraham, Becoming A Zion People, E. Douglas Clark

When we normally hear of the blessings of Abraham we think of eternal marriage and having children to populate the worlds that we will create ourselves, assuming we are worthy. I realized while reading this book that the blessings of Abraham also apply to becoming like he was and doing what he did.

Besides being a literal father and a figurative father to all the nations, Abraham was obsessed with building Zion. Abraham was truly like the Savior. Abraham had charity for all humankind. His love for all man consumed his life. His quest to bless everyone he possibly could did not distract him from loving and blessing his own family.

All the three major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) look to Abraham as their spiritual father. The blessings I listed out are the character traits that experiences Abraham had that I discovered from the book.

Abraham was also an immensely wealthy man who used his wealth to build up God's kingdom. He was extremely liberal with his money, never taking advantage of anyone. He always gave the other person the benefit of the doubt. He gave freely. I didn't get the impression that he specifically sought after wealth. His wealth seemed to be a byproduct of living righteously. Abraham had an intense desire to bless the world; therefore, the Lord knew money would not corrupt him.

The Blessings Of Abraham

  • To have the gift of charity for all humanity.
  • To see everyone (every nation, creed, color, race, religion, etc) as your brother and sister and love them accordingly.
  • To have a fearlessness in opposing evil and wickedness and speaking out against it.
  • Be blessed with divine protection even in miraculous ways.
  • To be influential.
  • To be completely obedient to God's commandments.
  • To have great faith.
  • To love God in great measure.
  • To love the scriptures and the word of God.
  • To work miracles in blessing others.
  • To spread the gospel far and wide.
  • The ability to pray mightily, thus being a person of great power.
  • To love your enemy. The author has some great insights about Abraham negotiating with the Lord in saving Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a vivid example of Abraham's love for the wicked. At another time, the Lord commanded Abraham to lead his people in war. There are times when war is not only justified but a commandment by God to get involved. God is not the author of war, but He will finish it and use it for His purposes. This seems to be a common theme in ancient scriptures for men of God to lead out in battle when God commands the war be fought. Abraham's love would not have changed even during war.
  • To acquire great knowledge (more than spiritual or religious knowledge), and to bring people to God through your secular knowledge. Abraham didn't only drink deeply from the word of God but was a student of temporal things. He used his temporal knowledge to bring people to God. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Zion is a superior knowledge of nearly every important subject.
  • To always do the right thing, even when nobody else is.
  • To trust in God not man and gain the powers and blessings that come with that trust.
  • Have youth restored to you.
  • Have a great love for your own family.
  • The ability to pass through deep and significant trials and be perfected because of them. The book has some powerful concepts about trials. You can't become perfected or spiritually strong without trials. It seems that the more severe the trial is, the greater is your growth.

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