Unselfish Service

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

"The values of the world wrongly teach that "it's all about me." That corrupting attitude produces no change and no growth. It is contrary to the eternal progress toward the destiny God has identified in His great plan for His children. The plan of the gospel of Jesus Christ lifts us above our selfish desires and teaches us that this life is all about what we can become."

One of the fundamentals of life and happiness is service to and helping others. The first step is to actually believe your mission in life is to help others. Without this belief or thought, no action will be taken to help others.This life is about what we can become.

Becoming may be the greatest challenge of life. In the end of your life and existence, what matters is what you have become. This must mean there is a process with becoming. Becoming can't be a single event. I think there is something motivating about the process of overcoming instead of simply the end result. Once you achieve the end result, you value it much more.

I think the process of becoming can be seen in this way; it all starts out with your beliefs or thoughts. What you believe in influences how you feel and what you understand. How you feel and what you understand determines how you behave.Who you are is a result of your thoughts and actions. Taking action on something you know to be right is a massive challenge. The more converted you are to your beliefs the more likely you will take action.

It all starts out with your beliefs because you can't act on something you don't know. You strengthen your belief on something by acting and your strengthened belief gives you greater power to act. Therefore, it is an interrelated circle.Every single person on this planet needs Jesus Christ, not only to overcome sin and death but also to gain access to His grace.

Grace is the enabling power. I see it as the enabling power to act and to eventually become. One of the greatest things you can do in your life is to gain greater access to His grace. Just think of the good you could do with your life with a full measure of His enabling power.

This life is a test, a test to see what we can become. Life is not like school where you are taught to learn something and cram for a test only to dump the information after the test. The experiences you undergo in life are meant to help you become something, Godlike.

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