Boyd K. Packer (President Of The Quroum Of The Twelve Apostles)

Boyd K. Packer was called a twelve apostle on 9 April 1970. He spent most of working career teaching in the seminary and institutes of religion of the church. Read more about President Boyd K. Packer

Conference Talks By President Packer

The Power of the Priesthood: "The priesthood does not have the strength that it should have and will not have until the power of the priesthood is firmly fixed in the families."

Counsel To Youth: "Despite the opposition, trials, and temptations, you need not fail or fear."

  • With all that is going on in the world, with the lowering of moral standards, you young people are being raised in enemy territory.
  • Many of the temptations you face, certainly the most serious ones, relate to your body.
  • Only repentance can heal what hurts. But repentance can heal what hurts, no matter what it is.
  • As one of His special witnesses, I testify that the outcome of this battle that began in the premortal life is not in question. Lucifer will lose.
  • But as a servant of the Lord, I promise that you will be protected and shielded from the attacks of the adversary if you will heed the promptings that come from the Holy Spirit.

Guided by the Holy Spirit: Every one of us can be guided by the spirit of revelation and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Cleansing the Inner Vessel; "Nowhere are the generosity and the kindness and mercy of God more manifest than in repentance."

Prayer And Promptings: "Experiences of prompting and prayer are not uncommon in the Church. They are part of the revelation our Heavenly Father has provided for us." 

The Test: "Neither mobbings nor the army could turn the Saints aside from what they knew to be true." 

The Twelve: "For the Church to be His Church, there must be a Quorum of the Twelve who hold the keys." 

The Weak And Simple Of The Church: "No member of the Church is esteemed by the Lord as more or less than any other." 

The Spirit of the Tabernacle: The Tabernacle . . . stands as a standard of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

A Defense and a Refuge: "We speak of the Church as our refuge, our defense. There is safety and protection in the Church." 

"I Will Remember Your Sins No More": Through the Father's redeeming plan, those who may stumble and fall "are not cast off forever." 

On Zion's Hill: Every soul who willingly affiliates with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and seeks to abide by its principles and ordinances is standing "on Zion's hill." 

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ—Plain and Precious Things: The Book of Mormon is an endless treasure of wisdom and inspiration, of counsel and correction. 

The Least of These: "Let no one underestimate the power of faith in the ordinary Latter-day Saints." 

The Standard of Truth Has Been Erected: However out of step we may seem, however much the standards are belittled, however much others yield, we will not yield, we cannot yield. 

The Golden Years: Value the old folks for what they are, not just what they can do. 

Children: "There is in what we believe, there is in what we teach, counsel, commandments, even warnings that we are to protect, to love, to care for, and to "teach [children] to walk in the ways of truth."

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ; "The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ has the nourishing power to heal starving spirits of the world."

"The Touch of the Master's Hand: "We all make mistakes. . . . It is then in our nature to feel guilt and humiliation and suffering, which we alone cannot cure. That is when the healing power of the Atonement will help."

Ye Are the Temple of God: Your body really is the instrument of your mind and the foundation of your character.

The Cloven Tongues of Fire: "In every language, the Spirit of God--the Holy Ghost--guides, or can guide, every member of the Church."

The Spirit of Revelation: Young Latter-day Saints, shape up! Face up! Take hold of your lives! Take control of your mind, your thoughts!

Parents in Zion: I do want to encourage leaders to carefully consider the home lest they issue calls or schedule activities which place an unnecessary burden on parents and families.

Called to Serve: It is not in the proper spirit for us to decide where we will serve or where we will not. We serve where we are called.

Washed Clean: Imagine the consoling, liberating, exalting feeling that will come to you when you see the reality of the Atonement and the practical, everyday value of it to you individually.

The Word of Wisdom: The Principle and the Promises

The Twelve Apostles

The Brilliant Morning of Forgiveness

The Shield of Faith

Personal Revelation: The Gift, the Test, and the Promise

The Father and the Family

For Time and All Eternity

The Temple, the Priesthood

To Be Learned Is Good If

Our Moral Environment

Reverence Invites Revelation

The Moving of the Water

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