Full Change Happens Through Jesus Christ

"Only He can change us and forge a godly soul.

The Way

Lawrence E. Corbridge

Change is one of the primary purposes of life. Christ said that we need to become like He is, and that requires mighty transformation. The scriptures say that Satan goes about the earth with a large chain in his hand enslaving mankind. There is a lot of symbolism about what that means.

Satan will do everything he knows to take away your agency and freedom in every aspect of life. Satan will try and put you in bondage to addictions, to ungodly habits, to false beliefs and traditions. As the world will take away your agency and freedom, Christ will give it back.

It requires being born again. All of us are born innocent into this world knowing nothing and being completely dependent on our parents. Children have no need of baptism or repentance. Children rely completely and wholly on their parents.

If we could figure out how to return to our infancy, in our reliance and faith in Jesus Christ personal transformation would become easy and we could be powerful instruments in His hands. This is another reason why having the spirit with you is the most important aspect of life. The Holy Ghost will tell you all things what you should do.

We can't do this ourselves.

The apostles have said that studying true doctrine does more to change human behavior than studying human behavior changes human behavior. Psychology and self-help can be helpful. Not all of it is true. Nothing compares to the word of God.

Why Is It Only Christ Can Change Us?

Jesus is the Jehova of the Old Testament, and Christ of the New Testament. He is the God of this world. He was ordained before this world to save us.

How Is It Only Christ Can Change Us?

One word can answer this question, the atonement. His atonement is the greatest even that ever happened in the existence of this world. Any necessary improvement is possible through the atonement.

It is imperative to know how to access His atonement. The prophets are the best source to tell you how to do this. Ponder the incredible benefits and blessings for accessing His atonement in your life. The atonement is much more than being forgiven of your sins.

If you want Godly power you need His grace (enabling power). This life is challenging enough when everything is normal. One person can make a difference. With His grace you could change the world.

Only God Can Forge A Godly Soul

Why should you care about forging a Godly soul?

One reason is because Christ taught us to become like He is. That is not an easy commandment to take on because He is perfect. Ultimate perfection continues in the next life. Perfection for us here means whole and complete.

Think of the level of personal happiness you would have. Think of the difference it would make in your family life. How would it be to bring down a piece of heaven into your life and family circle?

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