Following Christ May Mean Giving Up Something Important To You For Something That Is More Important

"Following Christ may mean forsaking many dear things." Followers Of Christ; Elder Walter F. Gonzalez

A attended a speech from Sheri Dew that has never left me to be the same since. I have viewed the world and life in a much different way. Ever since my LDS mission I have not been one to spend my time with time wasters, and listening to her speech strengthened my resolve in a major way.

She talked about a close friend who was on his deathbed. He told her that much of what he thought was important in life was in reality not the least bit important. Something else that stood out in my mind about her speech was an idea from a prophet who said that some live their lives as if they will never die.President Eyring has some powerful conference talks about procrastination and making the most of every day.

Time is one of our most critical stewardships, and time only applies to this earth life. We have never had to experience this concept of time before. It shouldn't be too surprising that many struggle with it. Making the best use of our time is clearly very important to work on and master. The prophets teach that every day, every hour and every minute constitutes eternity and what we will be in the next life.

The dear things we may have to forsake may be truly important things. Sacrifice is giving up something important for something that is more important. There is nothing of greater importance than knowing Jesus Christ. Whatever God asks of us or commands is right even if it seems contradictory to what we think should be done.

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