Distraction Happens When We Lose Focus Which Causes Us To Lower Our Standards

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We Are Doing A Great Work And Cannot Come Down

"It is easy to become distracted, to become focused on one burned out light bulb or the impolite acts of kind people, whatever their motive may be. Bu think of the power we would have as individuals and as a body of the priesthood, if in response to every temptation to lose focus or lower our standards- the standards of God, we respond, "I am doing a great work and cannot come down."

To Become Focused On One Burned Out Light Bulb

It is easy to focus and become discouraged on our mortal weakness and mistakes, when that is part of this mortal experience. We are tempted to criticize and demean others for their weaknesses. I personally feel there is a difference between weaknesses and sins. I think weaknesses are a motivation to turn to God and remember Him.

In 2 Corinthians Paul asked the Lord to remove his thorn (weakness) but the Lord refused to because his weakness caused Paul to rely on God. Weaknesses don't prevent us from knowing God, but our sins do. Our sins keep us out of the presence of God. Perfection in the ultimate sense will not come until the next life.

Solving problems is an aspect of life. If we are not careful we can be consumed by our problems. Apostles have said that our life should not be defined by our problems. Apostles have also said that if you have problems it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. Having problems and learning how to deal with them and overcoming them are an important part of life.

The Temptation To Lose Focus

Forgetting is an easy way to lose focus. We promise to always remember Christ as we partake of the sacrament. That is the greatest challenge of life because it is impossible to think about two things at one time. This must be part of the reason for the commandment to avoid idleness.

We are tempted to lose focus on what is most important. What is most important? President Uchtdorf gave a conference talk specifically about this. He said relationships are most important. Relationship with God, with your family, with your neighbors and fellowman and with yourself. People are Heavenly Fathers greatest and supreme creation.

The souls of men and women are of great worth unto God. People are infinite and the relationships will carry over to the next life and will be coupled with greater glory than we have here. It behooves us to treat every individual as our brother and sister who are of great worth and potential of becoming glorious beyond measure.

"The Temptation To Lose Focus Or Lower Our Standards"

The standards of the Lord are the highest. The amazing thing with God's plan is everyone can meet His standards. There doesn't have to be any losers in Heavenly Fathers plan of happiness. God is no respecter of persons. Modern apostles have said that any revelation given to anyone in the standard works can apply to you personally.

Scripture states that God is bound when we do our part. Heavenly Father wants to bless us with amazing gifts and powers to include everything He has.

The reason why everyone can meet the standards of the Lord is because this is His work. His grace is sufficient to help any mortal weakness. He has also promised that he will turn your weakness into strengths.

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