"His mercy pays our debt to justice when we repent and obey Him. Since with even our best efforts to obey His teachings we will still fall short, because of His grace we will be 'saved after all we can do.'" The Atonement Can Secure Your Peace And Happiness; Elder Richard G. Scott

Mercy Pays Our Debt To Justice Through Repentance

Repentance is one of the greatest and most important principles and habits to have. The other is faith.

Mercy is how we are forgiven, but only through repentance. The Lord has promised that He will forgive when we repent. He has no obligation to forgive without our repentance.

There are few greater habits you could do than to each night review with the Lord your day in the spirit of repentance.Justice means we will suffer as Christ did if we don't repent. Mercy through repentance fulfills the law of justice. The prophets have also taught that obedience earns us the Lord's tender mercies and blessings.

Why is faith and repentance the two main spiritual powerhouses? The Lectures on faith says faith in the ultimate sense is to have all power, dominion and authority over all things. People in scriptures have had this faith and were given the sealing power. Whatever they said God granted.

Repentance would earn you the right to the blessings of ultimate faith. Elder Gene R. Cook said that what the Lord wants most from you is your sins. Sins come in two categories, commission (what you do) and omission (what you don't do but should be doing). Your spiritual power cannot exceed your personal righteousness. Repentance increases your personal righteousness. Personal righteousness increases your spiritual power.

We Still Fall Short With Our Best Efforts

This life was intentionally rigged so we can't make it on our own strength. The problem is it is so easy and almost automatic to go it alone. The prophets teach to seek Him early. It is a good idea to study your scriptures first thing in the morning verses at night. Make your morning prayer the most effective one. You might not be a morning person and you may have to wake up early. Seeking the Lord early signifies to the Lord that you really care about Him and desire more faith.

How serious are you about ALWAYS remembering Him. This will be the greatest challenge of life if taken serious. It is also the greatest adventure to ALWAYS remember Christ, because by doing so it will earn you the right to incredible tender mercies.

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