Christ Will Lead You Out Of Darkness

"If you follow me, I will lead you out of darkness." Broken Things To Mend, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I think of Moses 7: 26

"And he beheld Satan: and he had a great chain in his hand, and it veiled the whole face of the earth with darkness; and he looked up and laughed, and his angels rejoiced."

I am amazed with the incredible trials and traumas that some live with. Some literally feel like they are in a dark and dreary wilderness (1 Nephi 8:4) and to be lead out of the darkness is an incredible blessing.

Satan's chain in Moses 7:26 could represent many things; it at least represents his ability to bind you. At a minimum, he does this through abuse and addictions. Ignorance and false beliefs are other ways.

The Lord promises you can have his peace independent of what has happened to you or what is going on in the world around you. If you have been severely abused, you can be led out of that darkness. If you have experienced some traumatic life events you can led out of that darkness. If you are caught in the death grip of addictions, you can be led out of that darkness. The key that will unlock your prison doors and give you your precious freedom is the word of God. The word of God leads to the love of God. The love of God is more precious than anything.

Stop and ponder for a moment what it would feel like to feel love in its perfect state.

Everyone of us needs to feel His love. We live in a loved starved world and to feel His love in perfection is a blessing beyond comprehension. He has promised if we draw near unto Him, He will draw near unto us. The more severely you have been abused or the more serious the traumatic experience the more you need to draw after Him.

I invite you to soak in these conference talks. Christ has said repeatedly if you receive His prophets you receive Him and when you receive Christ you receive the Father.

Jesus Christ literally bled from every poor, agonized on the cross, was tortured with a whip built to shred flesh, was severely mocked, and much more so He could free you out of darkness.

Christ's main mission in life was to undergo the atonement. He lived an incredible perfect life and performed great miracles. Christ did a lot when He lived on this earth. St John 21:25 says this about Christ's works, "…the world itself could not contain the books that should be written."

Christ Is A Living God Not A Dead One

As critical as His atonement was, it is no less important that He currently lives. His works do not stop and never will. The current living apostles have said that Christ can heal every mortal affliction. This includes every physical, emotional, psychological affliction. It doesn't matter what it is, if you are afflicted by it you can be healed. Christ came in resurrected body to an entire Nephite city to personally heal them, individually, one by one.

Jesus is a God who can do anything.

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