Place No More For The Enemy Of My Soul


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

"These are just some of the reasons that prostituting the true meaning of love-either with imagination or another person-is so destructive. It destroys that which is second only to our faith in God-namely, faith in those we love. It shakes the pillars of trust upon which present-or future love is built, and it takes a long time to rebuild that trust when it is lost."

Pondering what true love is, is powerful. Pornography is a fake form of love. If you think about it rationally, pornography makes absolutely no sense. Pornography causes you to have fantasies with a PIECE OF PAPER or a COMPUTER/TELEVISION SCREEN. Pornography causes you to lust after someone who is not real. Pornography and lust destroys faith or trust in your spouse. Therapist and author Lisa Goodwin Snell has figured out 17 secrets to both the female and male psychology.

The number one secret to the female psychology or the greatest need of a woman is to feel safe and secure. Pornography is a potent way to kill a woman's sense of safety and security.

Men who are caught in this addiction need to put themselves in the shoes of their wives and consider how it is affecting her. Stop and think how you are seriously harming her. True love is not self-centered. Don't expect much intimacy from your wife.

It would be difficult for any or most virtuous women to take seriously a marriage proposal from a man who is addicted to pornography, no matter how great his other attributes are.Many value trust more than love.

Trust surely must be a major ingredient in safety and security for a woman. Your relationship with your wife might not be ideal or where you want it, but if she trusts you that you will be loyal to her then you can overcome a lot. If you kill her trust then you have an uphill battle to build a powerful relationship.

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