Some Reasons Why Christ Did The Atonement

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Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge

"I don't know how He did what He did. I only know that He did and that because He did, you and I may be forgiven of our sins that we may be endowed with His power. Everything depends on that. What then shall we do? We will take upon [us] the name of [the] Son, and always remember him and keep his commandments which he has give [us]; that [we] may always have his spirit to be with [us]. Everything depends on that."

He Did It So We Can Be Forgiven Of Our Sins

Forgiveness of sins requires repentance. The atonement allows us so we can repent. This wonderful gift from Christ allows us so we can become completely clean. The Lord's goal is not to weigh our good deeds against our bad deeds hoping that our good deeds outweigh the bad ones. His mission is not even to help us to have more good deeds than bad. His mission is to take off all the weight of the bad deeds so there is nothing on that side of the scale. His mission is to make us completely 100% clean, pure and white.

It is true that this life is the time to prepare to meet God. Ultimate perfection does not happen in this life. Much of the next life is about learning and progressing. It is also true that our natures and character carries with us over to the next life when we die. So this means if you have a disposition to learn and overcome here you will there also. If you have a disposition of being complacent and waiting for some event to change you will be that way when you die and learning and progressing for you there will be slow.

Even though we don't have to sin (we have our agency not to sin, and our agency increases) we still sin despite our best efforts not to do so.

Knowledge that our sins are forgiven brings tremendous peace and comfort. Ancient and modern day prophets have sought after relentlessly the knowledge that they were forgiven. Joseph Smith was an example. I think the worst time in the life of Joseph Smith is when he lost the portion of the Book of Mormon. When he finally received the revelation that he was forgiven it was extremely liberating to him.

The Book of Mormon prophet Enos wrestled before the Lord to know that he was forgiven. He prayed all day and into the night for this knowledge.

Why Is It Important To Know You Are Forgiven

The knowledge Enos of being forgiven gave him unshakeable faith. Knowing you are right before the Lord is an important element of faith. Think about what your life would be like if you had unshakeable faith. What kind of difference could you make in the world? Your level and degree of personal happiness and satisfaction would be out of this world. Your progression would be rapid.

He Did It So We Can Be Endowed With His Power

The Lord's mission is to bring us into eternal life and exaltation. This means is He intends on making us JUST LIKE HE IS. He wants us to have the same power that He has. He wants us to possess the same perfect attributes that he enjoys. Jesus Christ is a God and His work is to do that for us.

Christ is not jealous of His power. He wants to give it away. In the pre-existence Satan wanted to get when Christ wanted to give. Satan wanted to replace Heavenly Father as God and take his power. Christ didn't want to take away Heavenly Fathers power, but to add to His glory through saving others and making others like He is.

Take Upon Us The Name of Christ And Always Remember Him

I think what it means to take upon us the name of Christ is to be His special agents. We are not or own. He gives us our breath. I think it means to give our whole wills over to Him. It is the only thing we can give Him because He already has everything else. Everything we are and have came from him.

Always remembering Him is the challenge of our lives. To take this seriously certainly requires some deep introspection. You can't think about two things at one time. So you can't be working (cognitively) and thinking of Christ at the same time, but I believe you can have a prayer in your heart at all times. What do you think about when you don't have to think about anything, such as those times in the shower, or in the bathroom preparing for the morning or bedtime. What do you do when you are driving?

Why does it matter if you remember Him or not? The promise for always remembering Him is amazing. The promise is you will always have His spirit. You can endure all things if you always have his spirit.

That We May Always Have His Spirit To Be With Us

Elder Corbridge says everything depends on having His Spirit. This is the reason why Christ did the atonement. If we don't have the spirit with us we don't have a chance at salvation. Making the best choices is difficult at best and impossible at worst without the spirit. Visit my page on the Holy Ghost for the blessings of the Holy Ghost. That page has one of the most powerful quotes and truths that I have in my file.

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