Destroyed Homes Are The Work Of Satan Himself

The Power of The Priesthood

President Boyd K. Packer

"But he (Satan) and those who follow him are persistent in attacking the home and the family."

Satan has an intense hatred toward the family and has an immense desire to destroy the homes. Destroyed homes cause a serious burden on society in many ways. Sharon Slater in her book Standing For The Family has unfortunately documented groups who have it as their explicit goal to destroy the family. Any person or group whose desire is to destroy the family is working under the influence of Satan they are his puppets.

Destroying the home and family is not a passing phase for Satan. He is serious about it because he knows the dire consequences the disintegration of the family has on individuals and the society as a whole. Even if your family is not broken, the broken families of others will in the end affect you personally.Fortunately, those who are serious about destroying the family are the minority, but the minority if they are the most outspoken can still cause serious damage.

Satan and his angels will NEVER enjoy a relationship with anyone. He will never know what it feels like to be hugged, kissed, have sex, or enjoy a grandchild sitting on his laps. This knowledge eats at him unceasingly. They will never experience love. They are miserable and seek to make you as miserable as they are. It makes sense that he attacks that which he is most jealous and hurt over.

Don't expect society or government to defend the family. You must take it upon yourself to do that.

Expect Satan to come up with more innovative ways both indirect and direct to ruin the world by breaking up the family. He desires to cause as many destroyed homes as possible.

Satan does his best to make the home a place of fear and violence. The Lord wants the home to be a place of safety and refuge. He also desires your home to be the second most holy place on earth, the first being the temple.

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